[REVIEW] Freaks of Greenfield High – Maree Anderson

Maree Anderson
Freaks of Greenfield High
[eBook only] (9th September 2011)
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There are three things I’d like to see more of in fiction: ninja, bionics, and cyborgs. Maree Anderson has provided us with the latter, enclosing it in a YA tale of…well, coming to term with feelings, but the author takes that sap and executes it superbly so it’s no way near as cheesy as it sounds.

Needless to say, the cyborg is my favourite character. (Not so much her love interest, who writes love songs. I’ve never been one for balladry.) Read this, and you’ll understand why Jay Smith is so awesome – she’s my new favourite heroine.

Now, to convince the author to create a ninja character…

3 responses to “[REVIEW] Freaks of Greenfield High – Maree Anderson

  1. OMG, you like Jay? Awesome! Better still, you totally “got” what I trying to do with the whole angsty teenage feelings aspect. Yay! You are my favorite reviewer. But then you already knew that, right? *g*

  2. LOL. Of course I forgive you. He is a bit of a SNAG, after all. But never fear, Jay will slap him upside the head and make an alpha out of him. He’ll be tossing out the love-songs and writing hard-rock head-banger stuff in no time 😉

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