5 New Deals

Jennifer Lynn Barnes‘s romantic thriller Nobody to Egmont. About 2 supernaturally unnoticeable teens: 1 uses the skill to kill, while the other uses it to hide.

Sarah Crossan’s Breathe in a 3-book deal to Greenwillow (US/CA). About a world where oxygen is a precious commodity & only the rich breathe easily in the glass pod that is now home, from which 3 teens venture into the dangerous outlands beyond the pod with only 2 days of oxygen in their tanks. For publication in 2012.

Sophie Littlefield‘s The Museum of Eyes in a 2-book deal to Mira (World English). A family’s legacy of murder & abuse are but the 1st things a mother is determined to keep from her daughter.

Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong‘s The Blackwell Pages middle grade trilogy to Little, Brown (NA). The story of 2 12-year-old boys & 1 girl, all distant descendants of the Norse gods, who must journey to prevent the impending Ragnarok (the apocalypse). Book 1, Loki’s Wolves, is slated for publication in 2013.

Rachel Vincent: Books 6 (Before I Wake) & 7 in the Soul Screamers series to Harlequin Teen. 3rd Unbound novel & additional adult novel to Mira.


Holly Black‘s White Cat to Vertigo Pictures. A family of con artists has dangerous magical powers & 1 son refuses to take part in their schemes.

Carolyn Crane‘s The Disillusionist Trilogy to FishBowl Media. About a psychological hit squad of misfits & neurotics who reform criminals by pumping them full of their negative energy, pitched as Heroes meets Inception.

Melissa Marr‘s Graveminder to Ken Olin, the same man responsible for Alias & Brothers & Sisters.


Kathleen Peacock‘s Hemlock to Lane Shefter Bishop of Vast Entertainment. A small town is under siege by a werewolf virus.

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