[REVIEW] Thyla – Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon
Random House (AU: 1st April 2011)

From the book’s title, summary and publisher’s note*, you don’t need to read the book as you have the main information without even cracking open the cover:

-Narrator is a werethylacine, but doesn’t know it
-Lives in a boarding school, where a girl went missing in the bush
-Connection between the narrator, the missing girl, and the strange things going on at school
-Narrator will figure out her past by investigating the girl’s disappearance
-Involves Tasmanian history, particularly convicts
-There are “devils and tigers”
-What happened to the missing girl involves the above

If you don’t understand my recap, then by all means read the book. If you prefer a little mystery, there’s not enough. I’m used to having my intelligence doubted – I am fairly stupid – but this is going overboard. Seriously, marketers: why so obvious?

P.S. I did actually read the book.

* http://www.randomhouse.com.au/Books/THYLA/9781864718812/Paperback/

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