[REVIEW] Damaged – Yolanda Sfetsos

Yolanda Sfetsos
Damnation (US: 1st September 2010)
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There’s a good reason why houses in Australia don’t have basements. Except for Lane Blume’s house. It’s not just the water heater; there’s a bigger problem going on in that basement. And Bill Sorreni may officially only be a plumber, but he knows a thing or two about banishing demons.

Lane is a full-time writer, only she hasn’t been published in ages, and even then it was just online publications for ten dollars. Coincidentally, or maybe not, this novella is published with a small press who deal mainly in eBooks, but when they publish in print they’re bloody expensive. Does my mentioning this have anything to do with the story? Yes, because Lane’s writing troubles seem…well, they’re realistic, which partially grounds her character, but in most other ways she’s a damsel in distress whom mutually feels love at first sight for the plumber/amateur demonologist. Okay, so Lane loves Bill because he believes her about the demon, and helps her get rid of it. But why does Bill love Lane? There’s mention of how stunning Lane is, and love at first sight, but it just seems shallow.

The moral of this story? Love conquers all, even demons. Which is good if you have love, as Lane obtains. Otherwise, you don’t have a hope in Hell.

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