[REVIEW] Dark Life – Kat Falls

Kat Falls
Dark Life (Dark Life, Book 1)
Scholastic (US & CA: 1st February 2011); Simon & Schuster (UK: 5th August 2010; AU: 1st October 2010)
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Ty Townson knows all about life underwater; Benthic Territory is his home turf. But for Gemma Straid, it’s entirely new ground she’s had to venture to find her brother. Meanwhile, outlaws are deflating homes, the Territory is running out of Liquigen, and the sheriff wants nothing more than to return Topside.

This futuristic Western YA comes with a great male narrator, shifty characters, claustrophobic setting, some genuinely creepy moments, and the first steps of a realistic romance. Towards the end it gets more paranormal, which doesn’t work for me (I’ve read enough teens-with-strange-abilities books), but I’ll stick with this trilogy for the futuristic elements.

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