[REVIEW] Things Bogans Like – E. Chas McSween et al

E. Chas McSween, Enron Hubbard, Flash Johnson, Hunter McKenzie-Smythe, Intravenus DeMilo & Michael Jayfox
Things Bogans Like – Tribal Tatts to Reality TV: How to Recognise the Twenty-First Century Bogan
Hachette (AU: November 2010)
Buy (UK) Buy (CA)

Buying this book online, it arrived unexpectedly wrapped in a Twilight T-shirt. If you don’t understand the link between bogans and Twilight, read on 😉

I suffer from culture-cringe, so taking the mick out of bogans is perfectly fine; I do it often. So after encountering Things Bogans Like, I immediately subscribed and have been following it ever since. And because most, if not all, of the book’s contents were originally published on the website, reading them later here in print isn’t as fresh. There’s a lot of repetition for those of you with short attention spans, which can be a drag for the more informed amateur boganologist.

But some content is still hilarious in its second viewing. The photos spot-on depict the bogan in its natural environment, partaking in its favourite activities. There’s even a hint to make the concept of boat people more attractive (pages 166-168): If the illegal fishing boats […] actually were full of hot Asian chicks […], hordes of bogans would be strapping long range fuel tanks and floral bouquets onto their jet skis, and trying to intercept the vessels themselves.

But the real gold lies in the section on vampires (pages 252-254). […] the femme-bogue becomes so engorged by the notion of abstinence that she is likely to proceed post-haste to the local glassing barn to gyrate wildly against anyone not smelling strongly of garlic. This demonstrates the dizzying power that sexual innuendo and metaphor have over the bogan’s copulatory glands. Unfortunately, the bogan’s inability to actually understand metaphor resulted in True Blood.

This tome works best as a coffee table book, or joke gift to confuse your foreign friends. They may not recogise the names of pseudo-celebrities mentioned within, but the context should explain much.

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