[REVIEW] Beyond Heaving Bosoms – Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan

Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan
Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels
Simon & Schuster Fireside (US & CA: 14th April 2009; AU: 5th June 2009)
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I can handle some of the sub-genres, but as a whole romance doesn’t work for me. Not just because of the books, but also because of some of its Special Snowflake fans who like to play victim about how the romance genre is persecuted, or prejudiced against, or whatever. And thus they get so defensive. CHILLAX, PEOPLE!

I like the Smart Bitches, Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan, because unlike a lot of romance bloggers they don’t absolutely fangirl over every romance book they read. They’re quite forthcoming when they don’t like characters or their motives, or the author’s purple prose, etc. These ladies are awesome because they don’t act so precious.

That said, this book is probably strictly for romance fans to celebrate with their fellow kin. But for non-fans, there’s plenty of comic fodder. I don’t really care for the “why we love it” bits, but the snark is brilliant. And the best of it comes when discussing paranormals. Never encountered “hemipenes” before? There are example books on page 113.

Personally, I’m looking for more great novels in the m/m or f/m/m sub-genre (pages 114-115): For a variety of reasons, many romance readers love romances wherein the protagonists are both men. If you can recommend some great ones published by the major print publishers, please do!

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