[REVIEW] Outside In – Maria V. Snyder

Maria V. Snyder
Outside In (Insider, Book 2)
Harlequin Teen (US: 15th February 2011); Mills & Boon Mira Ink (UK: 18th March 2011)
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Crikey! The metal cube setting is fresh and exciting to my eejit brain, which doesn’t usually care much for hard sci-fi. The characters…everyone seems kickarse in their own way, so much so that I wonder if mediocre folk, like myself, would be fed to Chomper.

Overthrowing a government is one thing, but defeating overlords is another. The first novel features the former, and this second book has the latter. Trella just wants to kick back now that she’s done what she thought was the hard work. But there are new enemies, friends may have switched allegiances, and the stakes are higher than ever. Bombs, torture collars, grenades: life is now more adult Inside. But the juxtaposition of teens showering together and their attachment to a stuffed animal is actually…kind of creepy. Have one or the other element, but both in the same book? Awkward.

The secret agendas, hidden tech, and the presence of Outsiders make Outside In an absolute thriller. Fingers crossed there’ll be a third novel in this series.

4 responses to “[REVIEW] Outside In – Maria V. Snyder

  1. I have this to read, but I want to read Inside Out first, which is still out on loan at the library.

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