[REVIEW] Chinatown Trollop – Mario Acevedo

Mario Acevedo (Artwork by Alberto Dose)
Chinatown Trollop (Killing the Cobra, Book 1)
IDW Publishing (US: 30th November 2010)
Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

I have two as-yet-unread Felix Gomez novels on my shelf, with three more on my wishlist. Not much for comics or graphic novels, but this unexpectedly arrived in my snail mail. Felix Gomez was in the US Army doing a tour of duty in Iraq when his troop unintentionally killed a village of civilians. Soon after he was turned into a vampire. Normally I’m wary of those who choose to join the military, but Felix’s guilt and grief humanises him, makes him less of a soulless killing machine.

He has immortality; super-strength, -speed, and -stamina; and can easily climb walls and whatnot thanks to some kind of vampiric stickiness (yeah, I didn’t understand). But he never drinks human blood, only that of animals.

Felix is a private investigator now, doing odd jobs for the vampiric hierachy. This time he has to extract an agent from a heroin cartel in Hong Kong. But Felix is a vigilante, and destroys a shipload of heroin due for export. The Han Cobras’ head honcho is dead-set on killing Felix, who’s unlike anyone Jiang Chow’s ever fought. But if he can’t capture Felix, he’ll take a hostage: Felix’s lover. Qian Ning works as Felix’s interpreter on the case, and she also manages a women’s shelter in San Francisco, helping other former street workers gain life skills, safety, employment, etc.

Chinatown Trollop is a fast read, about forty-five minutes. Basically I just read the text and skimmed over the art – it’s just not my kind of medium. Felix and Qian are affable, but their scenario is horrid – and it worsens.

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