[REVIEW] Wired – Liz Maverick

Liz Maverick
Wired (Wired, Book 1)
Dorchester (US: 3rd July 2007; 1st March 2011 [re-release])
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Time-travel, alternate realities, wire splices…you don’t have to understand any of these things in order to enjoy Wired. I still don’t get all the little details, but it’s nonetheless a cracking good read, sparking with intrigue plus an unexpected emotional hard-hit. Generally speaking, escapist fiction doesn’t tend to have heroines with psychological disorders, so L. Roxanne Zaborovsky is surprisingly relatable. She loves spy pop culture, but living the espionage life isn’t as glamorous as she hoped. Still, she takes to it rather easily, and that she remembers previous reality splices is rather “speshul snowflake”, but the novel is as entertaining as it is incongruous. The banter between Roxy and Kitty is fun, and their Girls’ Own adventure in the future is a delight. I love the way Liz Maverick’s weird and wacky creativity works!

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