13 New Covers

13 new covers behind the cut.

Ann Aguirre: Shady Lady (UK) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
R. J. Anderson: Ultraviolet (UK) Buy (UK) Buy (Worldwide)
Anya Bast: Raven’s Quest Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Anya Bast: Dark Enchantment Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Lauren Dane: Mesmerized Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Megan Hart: Precious and Fragile Things Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Elana Johnson: Possession
Jackie Morse Kessler: Rage Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Karen Mahoney: The Iron Witch (UK) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Richelle Mead: Iron Crowned (US) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Veronica Roth: Divergent
Maria V. Snyder: Inside Out (UK) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)
Trisha Telep (ed.): Corsets & Clockwork (UK) Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

3 responses to “13 New Covers

  1. Wow, so many great covers out there! That’s the first time I’ve see The Iron Witch or Inside Out! Beautiful! (And thanks for including mine… You are awesome!)

    • That’s the Australian cover of THE IRON WITCH, but the US cover is much the same. Only the US cover is better 😉 And that’s the UK cover of INSIDE OUT – very different from the US version, which was published earlier this year. A great dystopian novel – you may enjoy it 🙂

      Hope you didn’t mind me grabbing your cover from your blog, but I linked back to where I found it, so I thought that would be okay 🙂

  2. CORSETS AND CLOCKWORK? I am all over that!

    ULTRAVIOLET looks very pretty.

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