5 New Deal Announcements

Lauren Dane‘s next 2 contemporary erotic romances & next futuristic erotic romance in a 3-book deal to Leis Pederson at Berkley Heat (world rights), for publication beginning 2011.

Marie Lu‘s LEGEND in a 3-book deal to Jennifer Besser at G. P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (world rights). A dystopian set in 2130 Los Angeles, submerged by flooding. A girl who is a prodigy being groomed for government work meets a boy who is 1 of the state’s most-wanted criminals. The main characters’ love story (she’s tasked with finding his brother’s killer) is loosely based on Les Misérables. Scheduled for December 2011.

Kelly Meding‘s WARDEN’S TRANCE in a 2-book deal to Jennifer Heddle at Pocket. The 1st book in a new series, in which adult children of the world’s slaughtered heroes suddenly regain their lost superpowers after a mysterious 15-year absence, only to face a fearful public, a leery government, & the villain responsible for the deaths of their parents.

Jackson Pearce‘s PURITY to Julie Scheina at Little, Brown Children’s (world rights), for publication in 2012. A 16-year-old struggles with her conservative father’s expectations & decides to live on the wild side by losing her virginity, pitched as written in the style of Saved! & Juno.

Joan Frances Turner‘s FRAIL, again to Ace. The lone human survivor of a small town must make her way across a land ravaged by the “feeding plague” & contend with dangerous humans & zombies alike.

4 responses to “5 New Deal Announcements

  1. Kelly Meding’s new work sounds great. The name Marie Lu sounds familiar – would it be a pen name for an already established author?

  2. Hi Tez–wow, thank you so much for mentioning LEGEND in your blog! 🙂

    (This is a really late reply–but for Mardel, maybe you heard of the name ‘Marie Lu’ from a brand of animal crack-like cookies? I’ve had quite a few people tell me that…. 🙂 )

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