[REVIEW] Nightshade – Andrea Cremer

Andrea Cremer
Nightshade (Witches’ War, Book 1)
Penguin Philomel (US: 19th October 2010); Hachette Atom (AU: 28th October 2010; UK: 6th January 2011)
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Werewolf alpha Calla Tor is doing one forbidden thing after another: saving a human from a bear, exploring new territory without any pack members, falling in love with the aforementioned human…plus a milieu of other social faux pas. These may seem minor, but they’re very big issues in a society where Guardians (werewolves) serve their Keepers, and protect against Searchers. Calla’s life isn’t the only one on the line, and trust will be tested to the ultimate limit. This Blood Moon, there really will be blood…

Welcome to your new reading obsession! Nightshade is supreme crack with all the angst, drama, gore, death threats, and weird shiz you could want. Fascinating dynamics, characters in serious need of hugs, and a secret history that changes the game combine for entertainment of the highest order. Watch out for Samhain, a truly memorable event including one of my favourite tropes that I wish more authors would explore. With two other novels due for publication in the next two years, there’s plenty more intrigue to follow, and Nightshade should become an international best-seller.

6 responses to “[REVIEW] Nightshade – Andrea Cremer

  1. I was looking at this one elsewhere, and thought it sounded good. Nice to know I was right!

  2. Cynthia Rangel

    I really wished I had bought this book while this was still the cover, I can’t find the original cover anywhere! 😦 I just HAD to go spending my twenty bucks then….I hope I get lucky!

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