Ego Boost

Yes, it’s hideously self-centric to have a Google Alert for my name, but sometimes it comes up with interesting stuff. In this case, Karen B. from reviewed Stephenie Meyer’s The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and agreed with me (and quoted me) on a key point: We only get a little taste of what normal, that is mean and nasty, vampires are like, and as Tez says, they need to get over themselves. “[…] these vamps have a sense of entitlement: It was the same way he chose us. Meals and gods, both coming from the dregs. Keep a lid on it, kids – you’re just vamps; not gods. And not ninjas, either, however you may wish.”

I don’t often say anything intelligent, but apparently this time I did 😉 Thanks, Karen B. – you’re awesome!

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