Video Phone (aka Tez Vlogs)

No, I’m not referring to the Beyoncé & Lady Gaga song. Watching a Stacey Jay vlog on YouTube the other day, I remembered that I have a video function on my phone, and perhaps I should try it out. So I did.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t open the format on Windows Movie Maker (or whatever the eff it’s called), so I went directly to YouTube to upload. Thus it is unedited. I didn’t even watch it back, so I don’t know if the audio worked with the video…

Put simply, kids: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE EFF I’M DOING, EVER. Recorded this afternoon. Not-so-subliminal advertising for the three books in my mind: a novel I’m reading, a craft book I’m working with, and a craft book I received today which I plan to work with soon.


4 responses to “Video Phone (aka Tez Vlogs)

  1. It’s amazing what the Internet can blast you with when you’re not really thinking about it. In my head, you’ve never had an accent when I’ve read your posts. Now you do. *grin*

    • Listening to my own voice really makes me uncomfortable, so I didn’t watch/listen to the video I recorded – but you’re a brave girl, and now I’ve spoiled your innocence with my androgynous voice and weird-arse accent 😉 Enjoy! 🙂

      If there are any particular words/phrases you’d like to hear me say, let me know, and I’ll get that organised 😉

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  3. LOL! Accents are dead sexy…

    My voice sounds weird recorded too.

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