[REVIEW] The Diamond of Darkhold – Jeanne DuPrau

Jeanne DuPrau
The Diamond of Darkhold (Ember, Book 4)
Random House Yearling (US & CA: 23rd March 2010)
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Lina and Doon are struggling through winter when they obtain a book meant for the people of Ember. Only most of the pages have been torn out, and only eight pages remain, mostly graphs. And Sparks is running out of supplies, so Doon and Lina return to Ember to learn and gather what they can. But there’s a new danger in their underground city…

I love The City of Ember and The People of Sparks. I skipped the prequel, The Prophet of Yonwood, but the only reference to that is in the epilogue here. The Diamond of Darkhold is by all means a great read, but lacks the emotional connection that made the first two books so fabulous. The characters are clearly presented as good or bad, missing those shades of grey vital to avoid the players seeming like cardboard cut-outs.

I love the Ember books for bringing important worldwide issues to young readers. I love the futuristic and realistic settings. I love the affable characters. Buy this series for any tween, but most importantly for you. Many thanks to Jeanne DuPrau for creating and writing this awesomeness.

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