[REVIEW] Inside Out – Maria V. Snyder

Maria V. Snyder
Inside Out
HarlequinTEEN (US: 1st April 2010)
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Trella lives as a scrub in the lower levels of Inside, but the Queen of the Pipes can access the upper levels thanks to her air duct navigating prowess. Rumours of Outside have circulated, various prophets proclaiming that all will be revealed in the millionth week. Enough of the waiting – within Inside’s computer system are files pinpointing the Gateway’s location. Trella has a lot of duct work to do…

The concept is by far the novel’s drawcard: futuristic, dystopian, and mysterious. Life Inside is stark, technological, and effed-up. But the settings are difficult to visualise, and the devices not fully explained. Drops that can change iris colour? And other drops that can restore iris colour to its original hue? Colour me confused.

Predictably, my favourite characters are Sheepy and Mama Sheepy 😉

Inside Out brings up more spoilerish questions than answers, therefore making next year’s sequel a must-have. For the time being, I remain befuddled.

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