[REVIEW] Black Is for Beginnings – Laurie Faria Stolarz

Laurie Faria Stolarz (Adaptation by Barbara Randall Kesel; artwork by Janina Görrissen)
Black Is for Beginnings (Blue Is for Nightmares, Book 5)
Llewellyn Flux (US: 1st September 2009)
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Jacob LeBlanc has returned to Colorado, recovering from amnesia. But even while he was living in Massachusetts, there was one thing he “forgot” to tell Stacey Brown about – his girlfriend back home.

An epilogue to the fabulous Blue Is for Nightmares series, this graphic novel lacks the tense suspense that made the first four text-only books so awesome. The dreams and magic are here, as are Stacey’s pals, but this romance really could’ve used a plot that wasn’t just about their relationship. Recommended for graphic novel fans only (this format just doesn’t work for me), regular BIFN readers who skip this aren’t missing out on anything important.

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