[COVER ART] Kelley Armstrong’s FROSTBITTEN (US)

US paperback cover for Kelley Armstrong’s Frostbitten.

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5 responses to “[COVER ART] Kelley Armstrong’s FROSTBITTEN (US)

  1. Disappointed with the Twilight-ness of the Armstrong cover. I guess if it helps get more readers it is okay but I would prefer to see something more unique for her books.

  2. Wow Armstrong’s cover really is very very similar to Eclipse’s isn’t it? I think that gives it bad publicity if anything.

  3. I agree with both of you ladies about Kelley’s cover. I do like that it’s like a “splash” of red and not the ribbon, but it’s too close to Eclipse for my taste.

  4. Oh no, it looks like I’ll have to buy the hardcover edition of Frostbitten. I really liked that cover. I just assumed the paperback would be reissued with it, as usual.

    I hadn’t even connected the new cover with the Stephanie Meyers books until reading the above posts, making it even harder to like this cover – I really hate when publishers try to emulate very successful books’ covers. (Does Kelley even need that kind of help?)

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