[REVIEW] Liar – Justine Larbalestier

Justine Larbalestier
Bloomsbury (US: 29th September 2009); Allen & Unwin (AU: October 2009)
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Zach Rubin has been murdered, and Micah Wilkins is a lifelong liar. When the police learn of the pair’s dalliances after hours, Micah is a prime suspect.

The less you know about this novel before reading, the better. And don’t stop to think; just enjoy the ride. It’s very difficult to discuss Liar without revealing spoilers, so instead you have this short, vague note. Other people may not be as considerate.

I’d read the author’s Magic or Madness trilogy, and thought it was okay. Liar, however, is staggeringly brilliant. The characters, dialogue and setting ring true, and the reasons for Micah’s lies are remarkably understandable. There’s mystery, intrigue and danger, and the psychology should speak to a lot of readers. If Liar isn’t nominated for book awards, I’ll declare shenanigans. This is unforgettable, with so much depth that’s often hard to find in fiction. Critics and readers alike should adore this; well worthy of a standing ovation.

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