Library Loot

This meme thing is from Marg at Reading Adventures.

Rarely go to the library nowadays, but since since I binge-reserved a stack of books recently, I collected five on Monday. And have been reading them, and thus spending less time reading blogs and Twitter feeds.

1. Amanda Marrone’s Devoured: Finished, and I loved it. Will review sometime later.

2. Jessica Verday’s The Hollow: Currently reading. Almost 100 pages in, and it’s been a bit slow thus far. When a book is over 500 pages long, it better be that long for a bloody good reason. I shall persevere…

After this I shall be reading:

-Justine Larbalestier’s Liar
-Cheyenne McCray’s Demons Not Included

6 responses to “Library Loot

  1. Not a Kresley Cole fan??

  2. Too romancey or fluffy??

    Sorry I am a nosy parker.. but I love the Cole and also mostly a Showalter fan as well, so am curious.

    PS. Very much looking forward to a review on Liar – you are going to do one?

    • I’m not a romance fan – I can handle it as a sub-plot, but when the relationship’s the main thing, and I don’t like the characters…then I don’t like the romance 😉

      Yep, plan to review LIAR, whenever that may be.

  3. Sounds like you’ve got some interesting reading there. Enjoy your loot.

  4. Will be checking out Devoured.

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