[REVIEW] Evil Cats – Elia Anie

Elia Anie
Evil Cats
Hachette Headline (UK: 3rd September 2009; AU: November 2009)
Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

A growing trend in novelty books are those whose contents were originally distributed in regular installments on the Internet. But whilst I Can Has Cheezburger relies on photographs, Elia Anie’s Evil Cats: When Fluffy Cats Get Mean is illustrated, with virtually no text.

In real life, the most evil cats get is basically trying to usurp your place in the household – they couldn’t be arsed doing anything more strenuous. The felines in this book, however, have a wide array of weapons at their dispense, as well as an immature sense of humour. Like the lion alpha in South Park‘s zoo whose comedy only went as far as “pull the thorn from my paw”, these evil cats fart a lot, and wizz on stuff. But there’re cleverer things in here – some drawings so intelligent that a few completely went over my head. (Not that it’s difficult to stupefy me…)

While it’s a nice little way to spend twenty minutes, the Australian RRP of $19.99 seems enormous. Make it $10, and more consumers will be likely to purchase it. But by all means, borrow it from the library, or have it on your coffee table for guests to flick through.

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