[REVIEW] Extras – Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld
Extras (Uglies, Book 4)
Simon & Schuster Pulse (AU: November 2007; UK: 4th February 2008; US & CA: 28th April 2009)
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Aya Fuse wants to be popular and famous, for creating a feed well worth kicking. Infiltrating the mysterious Sly Girls could be her big break, but whilst mag-lev surfing with the group Aya discovers a much bigger story – shape-shifting cylinders she’s sure are missiles. But why are they hidden in the mountain? Who’s responsible? Is only Japan at stake, or the world at large?

I should’ve loved this, and whilst I did enjoy it, Extras didn’t quite wow me. Perhaps this futuristic world is somewhat too high-tech for my eejit brain. There’s a lot to enjoy here, which is a great escapist piece. But as soon as Tally Youngblood enters the picture…It’s been years since I read the three earlier books in this series, and my memory is atrocious anyway, but Tally really pisses me off here. She’s kind of a bitch. But I rather like the Japanese characters and intriguing future.

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