[REVIEW] Betrayals – Lili St. Crow

Lili St. Crow
Betrayals (Strange Angels, Book 2)
Penguin Razorbill (US, CA & AU: 17th November 2009); Quercus (UK: 1st December 2009)
Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

Dru Anderson’s mother was killed, and now Dru’s being hunted. The Schola is supposed to keep her safe, but in a place full of djamphir and werwulfen, “safe” is a relative term – especially considering there’s an unknown traitor in the midst. Meanwhile, Dru’s own powers are getting closer to “blooming”, and she’s been betrayed so many times she can no longer trust anyone – especially not herself.

The featured creatures in Betrayals are intriguingly disturbing, and bloody well creative, particularly the Broken. The lashings of Romanian words and phrases are deliciously exotic, and definitely welcome. I don’t understand some things Christophe Reynard says, though, likely because Dru doesn’t know, either. And the book would be easier to follow if it came with a glossary. There are some terms, and differences between them, that I don’t quite understand, and a handy guide would be appreciated. eg. svetocha; differences between djamphir, nosferatu and Kouroi; differences between werwulfen and loup-garou; etc. I’m still not sure to what the Strange Angels series title is referring, and I’d guess the Ravelle, only they barely get a look-in here.

Beware the cliff-hanger ending – Book 3, Jealousy, won’t be published until 24th June 2010.

P.S. Two thoughts Dru has in relation to Graves make me feel uncomfortable: A flush crept up into his sallow cheeks. Under the Asian coloring he could really change it up. Also, Knelt down carefully, and I could see how pale he was under his ethnic coloring. I may be overly PC, but these comments don’t quite sit well with me. Then again, I’m white trash so my knowledge of race relations is probably lacking.

FTC Advisory: The Australian publisher provided me with an early copy of Betrayals in exchange for an unbiased review. No sponsorships or bribes were involved. If you click and order via the Buy links, I receive a tiny affiliate fee, and rarely generate enough to actually use the fee to spend on Amazon products. And not just because of the frightful cost of international postage.

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