[REVIEW] Fallen Rogue – Amy Rench

Amy Rench
Fallen Rogue
Dorchester Leisure (US: 1st December 2009)
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Harper Kane is taking a break from training for the Olympic trials to visit her scientist brother in Oregon. Upon arrival, Dr Robert Kane is killed, and a major confrontation not long after ends in Harper being injected with a serum that gives her powerful psi abilities. Rome Lucian soon discovers that his boss wants to experiment on Harper – then kill her, as well as Rome.

The scientific elements are deliciously intriguing, but the rest of the novel is simply a romantic suspense to which I didn’t warm. Being a romance, there’s an HEA, which takes away any suspense. The characters are fine enough on their own, but their romance isn’t appealing. Harper and Rome go a bit stupid around each other, getting carried away with checking out the other’s physique instead of focusing on the investigative task at hand. Basically they seem to get together because there are really no other candidates. Other than Harper, the only female was a scientist unnerved by Rome’s looks, and other than Rome (and Harper’s deceased brother), the only men were antagonists.

I really wanted to like this, and while I loved the science, nothing else interested me.

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