[REVIEW] Fallen – Claire Delacroix

Claire Delacroix
Fallen (Prometheus Project, Book 1)
Macmillan Tor (US: 30th September 2008)
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In 2099, the eyes of the Republic are everywhere. But are they really wearing the pseudoskin – or is the Society of Nuclear Darwinists? Lilia Desjardins’s husband’s death was deemed an accident from exposure to too much radiation, but Lilia strongly suspects murder. Adam Montgomery is aiding her investigation, but he also has his own assignment – and a divine one at that.

I had no idea how awesome this would be. I was just expecting angels, but decided to pick up the book because it recently won an award. The world-building is simply amazing, with technological and medical advances, but devastating corruption and conspiracy. From the Society conference in New Gotham, to the netherzones and the circus, life is bleak but the author’s imagination is stunning. The plot is engrossing, though I was more interested in the investigation than in the angels. The characters didn’t really appeal to me, which prevents me from declaring this a five-star read, but Fallen is pretty damn close. I can’t wait to read more of this world, and am desperate to get my mitts on the following novels in the series: Guardian and Rebel. Science fiction romance fans should love this.

5 responses to “[REVIEW] Fallen – Claire Delacroix

  1. what is it with authors using really complicated last names? I’ve noticed a disproportionate amount of names that either I cant pronounce or are so convoluted I don’t even have any idea how they are supposed to sound. Maybe I’m just not versed well enough in other cultures and these are like Jones or Smith to other people.

  2. I am living proof that sometimes, authors use complicated last names because it is their last name. It’s not a conspiracy.

  3. oo.. I have this book somewhere, somewhere. For some reason it didn’t appeal when it arrived, but am going to have to go hunting for it now.

  4. Tez – Claire also writes the Dragon Fire series under the pen name Deborah Cooke. She actually lives here in Ontario (about 60 miles away from where I live).

    LOL. Tez how desperate are you for a copy of Guardian? Kidding. The Canadian distributor just sent me a copy so I have a duplicate of the ARC. If you are interested I could send it your way.

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