[REVIEW] Starfire Angels – Melanie Nilles

Melanie Nilles
Starfire Angels
Prairie Star Publishing (US: 4th August 2009)
Buy (US)

Raea Dahlrich’s dreams are actually memories of when she had wings, aged three. Now, aged eighteen, her wings have re-emerged. She – or her crystal – is being targeted, and it’s time to remember and embrace what she is.

The world-building is interesting and unique: how often do you come across aliens mistaken for angels? And TV documenter Nina Russet is beyond awesome. The other characters? Nowhere near as much. The main characters in particular quite grate on the nerves when they start realising they like each other. Raea loses a lot of independence; she even has to be rescued! And after a traumatic event (during which she was unconscious), she clearly should be medically examined. But she refuses, claiming humans may discover her alien physiology, but that feels like a cop-out – she just didn’t want to face the possibility. But I fear the unknown, and Raea must not. Knowledge equals power, kids.

There are some decent ideas here – the aforementioned world-building, and the super-awesome Nina – but the execution is not strong enough, the characters not likeable enough, to make this novel a true winner.

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