[REVIEW] Tekgrrl – A. J. Menden

A. J. Menden
Tekgrrl (Elite Hands of Justice, Book 2)
Dorchester Leisure (US: 26th May 2009)
Cover by Judy York
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Repressed memories are resurfacing, whether Tekgrrl wants them to or not, in A. J. Menden’s second Elite Hands of Justice superhero romance, Tekgrrl.

The Doctors Clark sent their daughter Mindy on student exchange…to another planet. She adored her Kalybri foster family, and was fluent in the language. But Mindy wasn’t prepared for the devastating events that have been blocked from her recall until now, when she’s almost thirty. There’s got to be a reason for the migraines, and the mysterious voice in her head – and why they’re around now.

Tekgrrl starts slowly, reintroducing readers to characters last encountered in Phenomenal Girl 5. Mindy’s fellow superheroes all seem to be teaming up, and she’s lonely. She has so much for which to be grateful, but instead she’s moping around, except when working on technological projects. The interesting plot points take their sweet time coming.

Then along comes Chapter 17, the most outstanding portion of this novel, and I finally connected. And the reason is all so human – social commentary. Though it takes place on another planet, the events are no doubt happening in real life, and it’s impossible not to feel compassion for Mindy and all the others trapped in that awful situation. It just goes to show that the best kind of escapist fiction is the type that’s not afraid to give a huge dose of reality. It certainly puts things in perspective for Mindy, and should for readers, too.

From there on, the book is a lot more on the ball, with fascinating content and huge twists – prepare to be startled. I unintentionally pulled myself out of the story when I came across the name Doctor Chaos (as it reminded me of Professor Chaos and General Disarray from South Park, thus eliciting laughter), but overall Tekgrrl is a winner. Here’s hoping Aphrodite gets to star in a future novel.

One response to “[REVIEW] Tekgrrl – A. J. Menden

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m sad to hear that the Shomi line is gone. 😦

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