[REVIEW] City of Glass – Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare
City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, Book 3)
Simon & Schuster Margaret K. McElderry (US & CA: 24th March 2009); Walker (AU: 1st April 2009; UK: 6th July 2009)
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The Nephilim are due for a final showdown with an evil Shadowhunter purist in Cassandra Clare’s final installment of the Mortal Instruments trilogy, City of Glass.

No more futzing around in New York. To stop Valentine Morgenstern from further evil, the Nephilim have to go to Idris – in particular the city of Alicante. Once the main cast is through the portal, all hands are on deck. So where is the third Mortal Instrument? Will Alec Lightwood officially come out? And will Clary Fray’s and Jace Wayland’s parentage be clarified?

I can’t remember much of City of Bones, and City of Ashes is very much a trilogy middle book (linking the first to the third), but City of Glass clearly stands above its predecessors. Though still feeling somewhat long, new characters are introduced, others return, and someone dies. Loose ends are tied up (a little too neatly), and while I’m not completely in love with this trilogy, it at least feels somewhat original. Idris is richly imagined, and Simon Lewis is one of my favourite vampires in fiction. (Not hard, because most of them are annoyingly emo – or, to paraphrase South Park, “douchebag vampire wannabe boners”.)

The author’s next work will be a steampunk prequel to this series, The Infernal Devices – stay tuned.

One response to “[REVIEW] City of Glass – Cassandra Clare

  1. Never heard that South Park quote before – LOL.

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