[REVIEW] Spell Hunter (Knife) – R. J. Anderson

R. J. Anderson
Spell Hunter (also published as Knife)
HarperCollins (US: 28th April 2009; CA: 15th April 2009); Hachette Orchard (UK: 8th January 2009)
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The faery Queen’s Hunter fights for the best of both species, faery and human, in R. J. Anderson’s Spell Hunter (also published as Knife).

Go Outside, kill animals, and bring them back to the Oakenwyld to be used as food and fur blankets. But ever since Knife saw a human for the first time, she’s wanted to know more. Injured in battle, Knife is nursed back to health by Paul McCormick, a human who’s also benefiting from Knife’s company.

If the faeries knew more about humans, their ideas and technology, maybe the Oakenfolk wouldn’t be dying out. But the Queen forbids them to make contact with humans, and Knife investigates why, with the help of some secret diaries, faery allies…and Paul.

This novel charmed the pants off me, quite surprising as I’m usually not keen on faeries and/or magic in my reading. Though rather chaste, the novel’s references to suicide and drug overdose may not be suitable for some children, but for older readers they provide a refreshingly mature – and realistic – viewpoint.

The friendship between Knife and Paul, how they help each other’s creativity and deal with their worlds (both separate and together), is a key point, and might break through your emotional barrier as it did mine.

3 responses to “[REVIEW] Spell Hunter (Knife) – R. J. Anderson

  1. I like these types of fantasy and this sounds quite good. Thanks for the review.

  2. I actually like both of the covers. The collector in me will probably get both.

  3. I like the Knife cover (and title) better than the US one. But I’m looking forward to reading it, whatever it’s called!

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