Cat with Books: 28th January 2009

The weather has been amended since my earlier Facebook status update. This week is actually the hottest Melbourne week in 100 years (rather than the 50 years mentioned before). 40C is 104F (according to here), but it was over that today, and will also be over that until about Sunday. If we’re lucky. Which we’re not. Because the Omniscient One in charge of the weather (aka God) has decided to punish those of us without air-conditioning. Nice.

The cat is taking this even worse than I am. He lies stretched out, but he can’t sleep because it’s too hot, so his eyes stay open, and he’s clearly miserable. He simply couldn’t summon up the energy to debate a Cat-with-Books photo session.

Raven Hart not only sent along her latest (The Vampire’s Revenge), but also a little creature. At first I suspected it was a vampire, but then I realised that the creature is smiling, so it can’t be a vampire because vampires are emo 😉 Thus I have named it LOLbat.

Bought myself Jordan Summers’s Red. The edges of the pages are actually red. This is either marketing genius, or a kid high on raspberry cordial. Possibly both.

Galleys of Nalini Singh’s Angels’ Blood, won via a contest. It looks large, but the text instead is actually just regular-sized with massive borders. This must be what makes it a galley rather than an ARC.

Speaking of galleys, I have the ones for Cassandra Clare’s City of Glass, as provided by the Australian publisher. Unlike the other galleys, these aren’t bound…well, not without the rubber bands 😉

Larger and/or previous photos are at my Flickr.

Okay. Me need ice-cream now to cool down.

2 responses to “Cat with Books: 28th January 2009

  1. The kitty seems to like it. Those pages allow for some good rubbin’. *g*

  2. Love the kitty! Glad she likes the bat!

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