[REVIEW] Blood Drive – Jeanne C. Stein

Jeanne C. Stein
Blood Drive (Anna Strong, Book 2)
Penguin ACE (US & CA: 26th June 2007)
Buy (US) Buy (CA)

Anna Strong takes on a very human problem in Jeanne C. Stein’s Blood Drive.

Anna’s brother died whilst still a teen. Now his girlfriend wants Anna to find her runaway teen daughter, Trish. Anna doesn’t like Trish’s mother, and dislikes her all the more when she investigates Trish’s disappearance – why she left, and why her friend has been murdered.

More of a mystery with paranormal elements, those elements include Anna and the police chief being vampires and a school teacher being a werepanther. (That’s not a spoiler: look at the gorgeous cover art by Cliff Nielsen.) Considering that I was big on crime fiction before discovering urban fantasy, this novel wasn’t a problem for me, and it’s even a step up from its not-quite-engaging UF predecessor, The Becoming. Be warned: Parents more than anyone else may be freaked out by the content.

I’m not quite connecting with this series, though this installment appealed to me more than Book 1. I have Books 3 and 4 waiting on my shelf, so will stay tuned…

2 responses to “[REVIEW] Blood Drive – Jeanne C. Stein

  1. Haha, I’ve not read these yet but my little sisters are loving them! Hope the ‘rents don’t grab one, then.

  2. Glad to hear this works better for you than THE BECOMING, which I had issues with. I finally decided to pick this one up though because I liked the voice in book one so much that I wanted to see what Stein does with the series. If she continues to squick me out though in regards to the stuff that bugged me in book one, we’ll have problems.

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