Princess of Dorkness, Episode #2

Jennifer Armintrout’s Princess of Dorkness Cast is back for a second episode, this time with special guest Warnament. (At least that’s what his name sounded like, but I have a habit of mishearing lyrics and such…)

Ego-tripper am I, naturally I was delighted to get a mention, because I’m self-obsessed like that 😉 And I was pretty sure I was about to get a compliment when Warnament burped – damn you! 😉 (It’s okay, people, I’m not desperate for compliments; I have my ego, let’s not forget… 😉 )

Unchaperoned 16-year-olds + Amsterdam = DUDE! Only I read an article yesterday that said Amsterdam will clean up its act, so they won’t get as many druggy deadbeat tourists. But wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of Amsterdam? 😉

Which reminds me, there was an awesome Dutch TV show called All-Stars, a soccer comedy. I miss that…

As for the trombone…well, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were cool back in the ’90s.

Parallel universes make my head hurt. Like in Futurama, how Fry was his own grandfather. Dude!

Does the gender of specific authors matter, like if a woman is writing a male protag, and a man is writing a female protag? Is this why some authors use pseudonyms? Mark Henry’s clearly a man, yet he writes Amanda Feral really well. He knows more about fashion and cosmetics than I do (though I’m on a budget, so don’t talk to me). Another female protag series is written by a man, but I haven’t read any of them. And there’s a male-led series written by a woman, but I haven’t read those yet, either. In other words, the author’s gender doesn’t matter to me. No need to hide behind initials. Whether you’re male or female isn’t a problem as long as the writing is good, the plot is interesting, and the characters are realistic.

Then there’s romance, and no I won’t snob the genre, its authors or readers. But there have been male love interests who come across as chicks-with-dicks.

And for a non-sequitur, I’m still not coordinated enough for chopsticks. Have to ask for a fork in restaurants.

Next week the PODCast will return with more shameful stories, w00t!

One response to “Princess of Dorkness, Episode #2

  1. Mark Henry’s clearly a man

    Really? I’d demand proof.

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