November 2008 Reads

November 2008 Releases & December 2008 Releases. Check for any you may have missed or need to pre-order.

Now onto the 7 books I read in November 2008:

Martin Misunderstood – Karin Slaughter “…strange but enjoyable…This is not your standard tale of romance, yet these tragic characters do make a realistic couple.” Buy

Swung – Ewan Morrison “I believed it, that this situation and these characters are very real. This novel is truthful…David and Alice’s thoughts and feelings will probably ring familiar.” Buy

Platinum – Jennifer Lynn Barnes “…a fun read…if only the author’s The Squad books were published in Australia…” Buy

Swallowing Darkness – Laurell K. Hamilton “One can’t deny that the author has quite the imagination…” Buy

Living with the Dead – Kelley Armstrong “But what’s most disturbing and intriguing about the kumpania is who’s living underground – and why. It truly makes you step back and look on in awe of the author’s ideas. Wow.” Buy

I Can Has Cheezburger? – Professor Happycat & “…you’re sure to find a LOLcat to show how you’re feeling…” Buy

Ravenous – Sharon Ashwood “Sharon Ashwood gives good haunted house…Ravenous should go down a treat for paranormal romance fans…” Buy

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