[REVIEW] Platinum – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Platinum (Golden, Book 2)
Random House (US & CA: 11th September 2007; AU: 3rd December 2007)

Supernatural happenings may be the downfall of the most popular girl at Emory High in Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ sequel to Golden.

Lilah Covington’s mum will be marrying Lissy’s uncle, and thus they’re family. Lissy, sister Lexie, and their mother and grandmother all have the Sight, each in its various forms – and now it seems Lilah has retronition, the ability to see into the past. That’s why only she can communicate with the ghost who’s suddenly always around. Plus Lilah’s also having visions in which there will be murder…but the only way to stop it and history repeating is to step inside her vision.

Lilah is a caricature popular girl: she knows she’s on top, and she’ll stamp on anyone who tries to better her – even her supposed best friend. There doesn’t seem to be any real friendship amongst them, but surely even popular girls experience real friendship.

Then there’s the girl from forty years ago, who was so in love with her own beauty, power and popularity that she thrived watching boys fight to the death over her. It’s lame, and Helen is a caricature as well as Lilah.

But despite its flaws, this is actually a fun read. Try not to think, just speed through it, and you should find it a pleasant way to pass your day. Now, if only the author’s The Squad books were published in Australia…

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