[REVIEW] Swung – Ewan Morrison

Ewan Morrison
Random House Vintage (UK: 5th June 2008; AU: 1st August 2008)

Glasgow’s swinging set takes centre stage in Ewan Morrison’s literary relationship novel.

Scottish David works in HR, and looks near unemployment. His American lover Alice is struggling with her art, and the bitchy work environment that’s crippling her TV series proposal. David is impotent, and though Alice seems okay with it, he knows they both need more. And so Alice starts investigating swingers in Glasgow for work, and brings David along.

It’s about sex, yet it’s not all glorious. It’s about a relationship, yet it’s not all romance. And instead of a HEA, we’re left with a vague ending that lets the reader make up for themselves what happens next. These are all things that make for a great book, and here I was thinking that “literature” (rather than “genre”) wasn’t for me. But best of all was that I believed it, that this situation and these characters are very real. This novel is truthful, and even if you can’t relate to the sexual aspects, David and Alice’s thoughts and feelings will probably ring familiar.

One response to “[REVIEW] Swung – Ewan Morrison

  1. Whoa! I read erotic romance, but I’m not sure I could buy a book with this cover.

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