[REVIEW] Martin Misunderstood – Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter
Martin Misunderstood
Random House Arrow (UK: 9th October 2008; AU: 1st September 2008)

Best-selling crime writer Karin Slaughter brings us a strange but enjoyable novella.

Martin Misunderstood reads like the stories of our youth – lots of exposition, not enough action. Or maybe it’s a stylistic thing, so we shouldn’t judge it too harshly. Though set in Georgia, it very much sounds English in tone, and not just because of the word twat – though that certainly helps 😉

Only available in audio format in the US, those of us in the UK and Australia also get this novella in print. The characters are vivid: Martin Reed’s been tormented all his life, still lives with his mother, works in a shoddy toilet supply business…Detective Anther Albada was stuck in an abusive marriage until her husband died, and afterward she made up a lesbian lover Jill, who later died from cancer…

This is not your standard tale of romance, yet these tragic characters do make a realistic couple. Screwed-up relationships are the norm in real life, if not in fiction. Martin’s up on murder charges, crimes he didn’t commit, yet he won’t share his alibi. An knows he’s innocent, but he keeps confessing to more and more murders…

Read in one sitting, I didn’t stop to think about the plot and guess whodunit. But I did enjoy my time with this novella. Now I’m eagerly waiting to get my filthy mitts on Fractured and the forthcoming Genesis

P.S. Karin Slaughter came to Melbourne in 2007 (I think). If you’re on Facebook, you can see our photo taken together here. (Yes, I look dopey – it was a long day…Oh wait, I’m always dopey 😉 )

One response to “[REVIEW] Martin Misunderstood – Karin Slaughter

  1. Please tell me that’s a pen name. That’s GOT to be a pen name! 🙂

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