[REVIEW] Tripping to Somewhere – Kristopher Reisz

Kristopher Reisz
Tripping to Somewhere
Simon & Schuster Pulse (US: 1st October 2006; AU: 11th January 2007)

Money and beauty go to the characters’ heads in Kristopher Reisz’s decadent and drug-filled début, Tripping to Somewhere.

Gilly’s father is a crooked cop, and Sam’s stepfather has a taste for teen porn. We’ve all heard of running away to join the circus, and that’s what the girls do: track down the Witches’ Carnival. With fifty thousand dollars of dirty stolen from Gilly’s dad, the friends head to Atlanta.

When they catch up with the Carnival, they find the witches’ lives are magical, beautiful and fuelled with mescaline. From Atlanta to Florida, Rhode Island and England, Sam’s high on mescaline and Xanax, whilst Gilly is intoxicated with lust for Maggie, one of the witches.

I blasted through this book pretty quickly, and I don’t really know if I liked it or not. The writing is breezy and pretty enough; keeps the story unfolding. But the content itself…well, it’s kind of hard to respect characters that drink, smoke and use drugs so often. They don’t have the balls to face life sober. I’d have liked them more if they didn’t run away from their problems, though Gilly does realise this, but far too late.

The title is kind of right: Gilly and Sam are definitely tripping, but to anywhere but home. Finishing this novel is like waking up wondering what you did the night before, and if it was worth it.

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One response to “[REVIEW] Tripping to Somewhere – Kristopher Reisz

  1. Good review.. Sounds interesting, but not really a fan of drug novels either. At least it says what it is right on the title though.

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