[REVIEW] The Digital Plague – Jeff Somers

Jeff Somers
The Digital Plague (Avery Cates, Book 2)
Hachette Orbit (US: 12th May 2008; UK: 15th May 2008; AU: July 2008)

Science and technology combine for another intriguing cyber-noir read from Jeff Somers.

On his knees with a gun to his head, Avery Cates thought this would be his execution. Instead, he is injected with nanotech, which is infecting everyone who crosses his path – unless they stay within a certain distance.

Who did it, why, and how to stop the deaths are far from easy to answer – and it’s even more difficult to cope when the dead don’t stay dead. From New Jersey to Paris to New York, one thing’s for certain: the Electric Monks are sticking close. Avery’s battle with them is far from over. And, hopefully, so is this series.

It took me a while to realise that this is set more than five years (estimate) since The Electric Church ended, and it may mean something that the appendix was easier to follow than the actual story. Still, at least the author has interesting concepts and characters that I haven’t really come across before. Reading the first two books in this series on the trot, it’s kind of annoying that I now have to wait for The Eternal Prison‘s circa-July 2009 release. The good news is there’s a teaser of it at the back of The Digital Plague, and it sounds a treat.

This series may be hard on the brain, but if you pay attention and keep focused, it has its rewards.

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