[COVER ART] Deadly Desire (UK) – Keri Arthur & Pre-Order Pimping

(From here.) Hachette/Piatkus in the UK (and Australia et al) has thankfully gone with a new look for Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series, starting from the upcoming seventh book, Deadly Desire. “Thankfully?” you ask. First of all, I know nothing about art and design, but when I look at something, I can pretty much tell straight away whether I like it or not. And the earlier UK covers for the series were…quite obviously PhotoShopped. Like there was no pretence of Riley actually being at Southbank or wherever. So while I very much appreciated the publisher putting in an effort to include a bit of Melbourne in the scenery, otherwise I wasn’t too impressed. And they made Riley a brunette instead of a redhead.

But let’s forget the past, because Hachette/Piatkus has improved their design, and I approve. Well done, folks 🙂

And Jes Battis’ A Flash of Hex is now pre-orderable. I know I mention a lot of books, but I really want you to consider buying this author’s OSI series (starting with Night Child). I’m the first to admit to being under-whelmed by a lot of books, so when I find something I’m genuinely impressed with, I want to share my enthusiasm. There seems to be a lot of urban fantasy stuff published of late, but Night Child is one of the genuine stand-outs. There’s a lot of intelligence and smarts in it – and not just street smarts or what the CIA calls “intelligence”. And I actually connected with the characters, which doesn’t usually happen for me.

Okay, bed-time now…

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