[COVER ART] A Flash of Hex – Jes Battis

Totally made of pretty, aye? Shadows, sparkles, vibrant colour and a misty haze…It comes from the hands of Timothy Lantz – you may recognise his name as the cover artist for a lot of Juno Books, including Chris Howard’s Seaborn. But I decided to look up upon viewing Jes Battis’ Night Child – and it’s not just fab art; the story’s pretty awesome, too 😉

You’re looking at what’ll be on the cover of Jes Battis’ A Flash of Hex (or A Flash of Hextacy, I’m not entirely sure). It’s the second OSI novel due out in June 2009. No pre-order links available yet, but keep your eye out – I know I will.

Mind you, the cover still needs the author and title added, but Penguin Ace will take it from here. In the meantime, we can has this pretty.

3 responses to “[COVER ART] A Flash of Hex – Jes Battis

  1. Holy cow – I thought that was a painting of Winona Ryder. I hadn’t look at what you had written yet and thought to myself, “Is Winona Ruder in a new movie?”

  2. I love Tim’s work! Really happy with his cover for Seaborn.

  3. Boy, that is STUNNING.

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