Newly Confirmed for ARRC09

Quoth Futurama‘s Professor Farnsworth, “Good news, everyone!” Remember when I was fangirlying over (though having never read) the 2176 series? That was my introduction to Susan Grant (who created the series), and she’s just been confirmed for ARRC09. So that’s someone else I plan to track down at the book-signing sessions…

Unless, miraculously, all the people I want to meet will be at the one session, I’ll probably buy a ticket for each signing session. $17 for each, though $10 extra for each if paying by PayPal. Signing sessions go on sale November 1st, I think, so I’ve still got time to put away cash…

2 responses to “Newly Confirmed for ARRC09

  1. I am trying to decide whether to shell out the money for the whole weekend or just do individual sessions! Not sure what the outcome is going to be yet.

  2. Hey Tez,
    In regard to PayPal, its only one $10 fee for the total payment. So if you were to sign up for two book-signing sessions which you would indicate on your reg form, @$17.00 each and you were paying by PayPal the total payment would be $44 ($17+$17+$10). 🙂

    ARRC09 Organising Committee

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