Thursday Thirteen & Meme

Thursday Thirteen
Things I Love About the TV Show American Dad!
(Edition #15)
1. The theme song. Should be America’s new national anthem. It’s the kind of song even non-Americans love.
2. It’s created and written by Americans, who best know the worst things about the U.S. can make great comedy.
3. Its social commentary. Namely it goes to prove that just because you work for the Central Intelligence Agency, that does not make you smart.
4. Klaus. He was a German Olympic ski-jumper, and the CIA switched his brain into that of a goldfish, so Germany wouldn’t win the medal. The most interesting back story since Cat from Red Dwarf.
5. The sci-fi elements. Roger the alien, Klaus the talking fish, vacation goo, brain/body switching…
6. Roger may be “special”, but he doesn’t have any superpowers. Except for pooping gold and gems. Kind of like how Dr Zoidberg hacks up pearls. Bodily functions can be valuable.
7. An episode summary I read on Wikipedia gave me a story idea.
8. Francine never had a real medical degree, but she still became a surgeon, and loved her Dr Bearington.
9. Hayley counteracts all the stuff unlikable about Stan. He loves guns; she doesn’t. He loves George W. Bush; she doesn’t. He’s homophobic and xenophobic; she’s not…
10. Greg and Terry. Greg taught Terry how to accept compliments. Even though Terry still won’t come out until his father’s dead. I love their witty banter.
11. Toshi. He has the most poetic insults.
12. The episode where Steve thinks he’s become a werewolf. The same episode in which we meet Arboreus, who’s had chlorophyll injections in his quest to become a tree. Klaus becomes human. And bling saves the day (or at least Stan’s life).
13. It makes me laugh.

Your Blogging Type is Cutting Edge and Amusing

You’re an amazing storyteller, and you amuse many with your anecdotes.
In fact, you can turn the dullest part of your day into a colorful event.
You’re also up on what’s new and cool – from fashions, to links, to gadgets.
You’re the perfect combo: down to earth, funny, and a little mischievous.

5 responses to “Thursday Thirteen & Meme

  1. Okay, I’ve never seen this… but now I wanna!

  2. I’ve never seen it, but if it make you laugh, it’s a keeper. Happy T13!

  3. i have never seen it either I must check it out. Happy T13. Mine are up at a Daily Dose.
    A Daily Dose of Toni

  4. Roger can also make a killer potato salad when he’s pregnant.

    Good list Tez!

    ~ Popin

  5. I don’t think I have even heard of it, but it sounds extremely weird, lol. Just up my family’s alley.

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