Cat with Books & a Cover Flat

What particularly stands out here is that Manny was actually interested in the cover flat of Marta Acosta’s The Bride of Casa Dracula – he actually sniffed it. I hadn’t seen him that interested in my book stuff since Laurell K. Hamilton’s Blood Noir.

Anyway, he’s staying inside today because it’s rainy. May be hail later.

2 responses to “Cat with Books & a Cover Flat

  1. I’ve discovered that my little cat has been eating my books lately! Agh! Maybe it’s better that Manny isn’t paying THAT kind of attention to yours!

    Got in Black Water today and am going to watch it now. Scary crocs and mangrove swamps, here I come!

  2. If you distract her with newspaper, would that keep her away from your books? 😉

    I’m trying to think of Australian films, but I haven’t seen all that many. (I’m not much of a filmgoer in general.) Boytown was funny (to me), though it did terrible in the box office. The Dish is a classic, good film about the Parkes telescope that got the visuals of the moonwalk and such.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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