[REVIEW] Already Dead – Charlie Huston

Charlie Huston
Already Dead (Joe Pitt, Book 1)
Random House Del Ray (US: 27th December 2005); Hachette Orbit (UK: 1st February 2007)

A Vampyre struggles to stay alive without a blood supply in Charlie Huston’s paranormal noir, Already Dead.

Every great hero has his nemesis, and for Vampyre Joe Pitt it’s Dexter Predo, the head honcho of one of New York’s Clans. Joe, meanwhile, goes it alone, though he has his acquaintances, and a HIV-positive girlfriend – which means he has a valid excuse for not exchanging bodily fluids that may or may not infect others.

So what’s with the brain-eating zombies, and what do they have to do with the Vampyre? Joe investigates, and when a wealthy couple enlists his help to find their teenaged daughter, he soon learns the two cases are linked – ickily so. We’re talking a gentleman predator with a penchant for teen girls – whether they are his daughter’s best friend, or his daughter herself. And since the man’s wife is an alcoholic, Joe doesn’t know who to believe, and it’s not surprising that the case leads back to Dexter Predo.

Admittedly I was in a terrible mood for the first half of the book, and thus had trouble connecting. Adding to my difficulties was the use of em-dashes instead of quotation marks, and the complete lack of chapter breaks, which took me a long time to get over. But if you can do that, then like me you’ll be hoping to encounter the second Joe Pitt novel, No Dominion, in the near future.


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