More ARRC09 Info

Firstly, visit ARR and sign up to their mailing list. Today we received some details on scheduling. I’m thinking Sunday will definitely be my day – Keri Arthur and Liz Maverick will both be panelling, unfortunately not together.

Saturday morning

The immortal who loved me–why vampires, shifters and demons are so sexy
(MaryJanice Davidson, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sara McKenzie)
1B–Romantic suspense
Love and suspense on the edge of our seats
(Dianna Love, Bronwyn Parry, Sandy Curtis)
1C–The Aussie voice
Why the whole world loves our accent
(Paula Roe, Michelle Douglas)

Saturday afternoon
2A–Future of romance

Where to from here?
(Glen Thomas, Bronwyn Parry, Bernadette Foley)
Get down and dirty with erotic romance
(Sasha White, Helen Woodall, Cathleen Ross, Destiny Blaine, Amarinda Jones)
What’s so great about rakes and assorted historical heroes?
(Anna Campbell, Stephanie Laurens, Alison Stuart, Sara Bennett, Kinley MacGregor)

Sunday morning

What are these things called ebooks?
(Helen Woodall, Jordana Ryan, Jess Dee)
3B–Cross genre
Crossing the line–combining genres and making it work
3C–This one time…
Authors share anecdotes about where some of their story ideas come from
(Liz Maverick, Sherrilyn Kenyon, MaryJanice Davidson)

Sunday afternoon
4A–Series romance

Reader expectations and market forces
(Yvonne Lindsay, Annie West, Carol Marinelli)
4B–Urban fantasy, sci-fi, futuristic
Love and alternate realities
(Denise Rossetti, Keri Arthur, Angela Verdenius)
4C–Romantic comedy
Romance with attitude–fun, humour and sass, a winning combination
(Ally Blake, Liz Maverick, Jane Tara)

From ARRC committee: The program is still a work in progress — as we send out speaker invitations and receive responses we might change or shuffle some sessions. But this will give you an idea of the amazing line up we have so far. There will also be two book-signing sessions of 1.5 hours each — one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday afternoon.

Time to start building your bank accounts in time for February, Melburnians!

3 responses to “More ARRC09 Info

  1. This sounds like a great time! Wish I could be there…

  2. Hey Tez!

    I’m so glad you posted this. I hope to meet you in Melboune!!

    Destiny Blaine

  3. Hope you enjoy my city 🙂 Be warned that Melbourne is “four seasons in one day”, so make sure to pack your umbrella, as well as a sunhat 😉

    Due to funds I don’t think I’ll be able to attend any panels, but I hear there’s a big signing session on Sunday that I can afford ($20). Just be loud and boisterous with your accent, and I’ll find you 😉 (I imagine there’ll be a lot of Aussies, so you’ll need to stand out ;-))

    See you in Feb, and have a lovely day! 🙂

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