July 2008 Reads

Your eyes do not deceive: I only read five books this month. Obviously I’ve been spending too much time:

*on the Internet
*with my webcam
*with MovieMaker
*at the post office
*watching TV
*half asleep-half awake with the telly on

Anyway, it’s only 3PM on the last day of July, but I don’t think I’ll get another book finished by midnight, so you get the list early.

Blood Trail – Tanya Huff “Vicki’s a wily, likeable character…the world-building is original…” Buy

Boys that Bite – Mari Mancusi “…a teen vampire tale with an Arthurian twist…” Buy

Blood Lines – Tanya Huff “…well worth applauding…unusual subject matter that will appeal to readers who are bored with vampires…” Buy

Seaborn – Chris Howard “Chris Howard takes urban fantasy where it doesn’t usually tread…” Pre-order

The Scent of Shadows – Vicki Pettersson “Vicki Pettersson brings fresh ideas, deep psychology and Las Vegas’s underbelly…science enforces the magic, there’s deep character development, and it all comes together in a ripping yarn…This is one series thriller fans should not miss.” Buy

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