I Can Has LOLcode

I Can Has LOLcode: Check out the slideshow that accompanies this article – they asked (and received) permission to use four of my LOLcats. Thanks to Nikki, Mel and Jodi for the use of their cat photos, and thanks to Suzy, Padme and Kippy for deigning to be photographed.

I’ve added some new titles (including ones by Rachel Caine and Jocelynn Drake) to my Reading Wishlist.

Now, to await the cat’s homecoming for photography, and resisting the urge to buy crisps…

4 responses to “I Can Has LOLcode

  1. I finished Jocelynn Drake’s book earlier this afternoon. It was fantastic! Really interesting twist.

  2. Me want! But unless Harper Oz picks it up (like it picked up Kim Harrison and Vicki Pettersson), I may never get to read it.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. Can’t you get them shipped overseas? I know it’s pricey. I have an indy bookseller here who orders stuff from the UK so it’s only slightly higher than I would like (around $30 for HC and $10-15 for paper). It’s cheaper through her since she gets a bookstore rate and she doesn’t hike up the price for her customers.

  4. Since I’ve got a tight budget and my shelf’s full of unread stuff, I try not to buy stuff. So I usually buy from personal eBay sellers, rather than the stores, because they start bidding a lot less expensive. (I start my listings at 95 cents.) So I’m likely to get a bargain 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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