Happy Birthday, Mario Acevedo; Meme & Links

It’s July 6th – Mario Acevedo’s birthday. He’s a top bloke who shares the Biting Edge blog with Jeanne C. Stein – what I love about it is they blog about stuff that others aren’t blogging about. Anyway, give Mar (can I call you Mars?) the gift of royalties by buying/pre-ordering his works:

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
X-Rated Bloodsuckers
The Undead Kama Sutra
Jailbait Zombie

Because Leah tagged me:

1. I hate the color…yellow
2. I hate the TV show…Mark Loves Sharon (haven’t seen it, but it looks like the biggest pile of wank)
3. I hate the taste of…fresh fish (though canned tuna, crabmeat and whatever’s in fish fingers are still fine)
4. I hate the smell of…fish
5. I hate the word…shizzle
6. I hate the sound of…the kids next door
7. I hate the song…“Soulja Boy”

Oh, and I’ve added more links to my WordPress‘s sidebar. If you want to do a link exchange, I’d be happy to participate.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mario Acevedo; Meme & Links

  1. Thanks for the birthday message.

    I’m a top bloke?

    You hate fish? Your whole country is surrounded by water.

    What is a big pile of wank? Would this be something I’d ever be familiar with?


  2. -Being a top bloke is a good thing.
    -Fish smells, and that put me off the taste. (And we’re not just “surrounded by water” – according to our national anthem we are “girt by sea” 😉 )
    -As for “big pile of wank”…I’ll leave you to figure that one out for yourself 😉 Okay, you can use UrbanDictionary.com

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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