[REVIEW] Blacklisted – Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter
Blacklisted (Teen Alien Huntress, Book 2)
Simon & Schuster MTV Books (17th July 2007)

Onadyn may be the addiction that ruins human lives, but for some species of alien it is vital. Their bodies can’t handle this planet’s oxygen, so Onadyn is a medication that saves them from death. Former Alien Investigation and Removal agent Erik Trinity knows this, and he doesn’t understand why an entire family should be robbed of their government-issued Onadyn just because they had one bad egg in their family.

This book has heart, issues and something to say. Social commentary really appeals to me in fiction, and the parallels you can draw to contemporary society are worth pondering. While the novel’s predecessor, Red Handed, had a designated big baddie without a clear motive, Blacklisted is more about fighting the law for excellent reasons, and forcing AIR to rethink their stance.

Camille Robins is the innocent caught up in it all when she follows Erik at an elite nightclub, and doing so makes her a target for AIR, too. The more she learns of how Outers are suffering without their Onadyn, she’s determined to change the law. Sure it seems kind of odd that she gets finger-banged while aliens are suffocating to death, but the author is a romance writer after all.

For fabulous world-building, how power corrupts, and thoughtful issues, look no further than Blacklisted for a novel with surprising depth.


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